About me

Hi, I'm Thomas

I started on the University of Utrecht where I studied Artificial Intelligence. There I took a minor in webdesign & programming. That is where my passion for the web began. Ever since I’ve been designing and developing websites. 

As a freelancer I’ve gotten the chance to work on some great projects with inspiring people. Always looking to create the best looking and most elegant solutions for their websites. 

With great knowledge of the web essentials such as HTML, CSS, Javascript & PHP anything is possible. I enjoy the challenge of tackling complex problems that translate into suitable solutions.


Yes! That is what makes me stand out from most people. I use the latest software and it is very easy to change text, images and other content. Besides when I deliver the website I will tell you exactly step-by-step where and how to change things. 

You own the website 100%. I will give you the administrator rights so you can even kick me out. It is after all your property.

That depends on the size of the project of course. A small website used for displaying information with a basic layout will usually take about a week. A more complex website could go up to a month. Potentially even more if we do some revision rounds together. Simply said, it will take until you are satisfied with the result.

Most projects I work on start from €/$ 1000 and that can go up when the project is bigger. It all depends on your needs, the design, the functionality.


Want to work together?