About me

Hi, I'm Thomas

I started my career on the University of Utrecht where I studied Artificial Intelligence. There I took a minor in webdesign & programming. That is where my passion for the web began. Ever since I’ve been designing and programming websites. With WordPress and Elementor designing became fun for me and therefore I decided to specialize in that. 

Like most people I wanted to turn my hobby into a career. And so I started as a freelancer and I couldn’t be more happy. I’ve got to work with some amazing people creating great products. 


Yes! That is what makes me stand out from most people. I use the latest software and it is very easy to change text, images and other content. Besides when I deliver the website I will tell you exactly step-by-step where and how to change things. 

You own the website 100%. I will give you the administrator rights so you can even kick me out. It is after all your property.

That depends on the size of the project of course. A small website used for displaying information with a basic layout will usually take about a week. A more complex website could go up to a month. Potentially even more if we do some revision rounds together. Simply said, it will take until you are satisfied with the result.

Most projects I work on start from €/$ 1000 and that can go up when the project is bigger. It all depends on your needs, the design, the functionality.


Want to work together?